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Why MGFTools?

MGFTools is manufacturing professional plumbing tools since 1974.
Discover why so many professional plumbers are using our tools

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Made in Italy

MGFTools is proudly manufacturing in Parma, Italy. In our factory we develop innovative plumbing tools for the most demanding professionals. We make in Italy and we deliver worldwide through our distribution network.

Time Leader

MGFTools is caring a lot on the time response. From offers and customer service, engineering of custom solutions, and goods delivery, MGF provides a lightning fast service to its partners.

More About MGF

There are 3 main reasons that make our plumbing tools so special

Customer first. Always.

We put the customer in the middle of our process. From the beginning, when we design our plumbing tools, then we suggest him the perfect solution that fits his needs, till the lighting fast shipment and our first class after sales service.

Service, Service, Service

Service is our mantra. Indeed we provide an accurate sales service to help the professional plumbers and distributors to find the perfect tools. Then we make lightning fast deliveries with our industry 4.0 compliant warehouse. At the end we follow the plumber in its job with our first class service.

Value for money

Maybe we don't have cheap tools. Sure we have a great quality/price ratio. Our offer is providing the best value for money. In fact, we select the best suppliers and carefully identify the raw materials and production processes to ensure that you buy an MGF tool is always a good deal.