Clamp meters  and  digital multimeters are devices for carrying out a wide range of measurements: current, voltage, resistance and continuity measurements….

 MGFTools clamp meter
MGFTools clamp meter

In particular you’ll need a clamp meter with multimeter, ideal to carry out all necessary tests as required from the regulation. With this device you’ll be able to check the heat absorption in a heat pump or to check the power supply in an electric motor.

These robust and reliable instruments complete the MGF Tools range of products dedicated to the testing.

Digital Multimeter MGF, digital and pocket sized, clamp meter

MU1000  Digital Multimeter

MU1000  Digital Multimeter

Digital multimeter to measure all electric values  including voltage, current and resistance. Equipped with backlight display  easy to read in dark. It’s possible to check if the machine is powered according to the nameplate specifications. It can detect defected capacitors thanks to the capacitance test. It measures the voltage and checks the fuses thanks to the function resistance reading.

CDRom with integrated software to connect the multimeter with your PC and check all the values.


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MU1000 Multimetro digitale