The pipe wrenches are the iconic tool of the plumber trade. It’s the oldest tool used for plumbing systems.

Swedish Wrench 45° S-Type

Today the offer of these wrenches is very wide.

The Swedish Type pipe wrench is the most famous but not the oldest. It was patented by Johan Petter Johansson in 1888.  It was used for nuts and bolts , today only for pipes. The most popular models are the the Swedish wrench  90° and the one with S-Type.

The American pipe wrench or Stillson-type is probably the oldest tool. It was patented in 1869 by Daniel Stillson. Today it is produced in light steel or light alloy and is able to tighten pipes up to 6″.

If you have to turn and tighten very large pipes you need the chain model.

The MGF catalogue is complete with all these kind of wrenches.  You can read more details on the website or contact us to learn more about our tools.