MGFTools manufactures a complete range of professional plumbing tools. In fact, in our factory in Italy, we manufacture tools designed for the working, installing and testing pipes.

In particular, we supply tools for the installation of plumbing systems, and machines for testing those systems. Finally, we are specialists in systems for maintaining heating systems.

Many professionals all over the world work with our tools, in particular on sanitary, solar, heating, gas distribution and air conditioning systems.

When you choose MGFTools you have the quality of a product made by Italian technicians for professional plumbers, at a decidedly affordable price. More precisely, in our catalog you will find the best tools for plumbing, in particular the following tools:

  • Pipe benders and tube benders.
  • Electric and manual pressing tools.
  • Electric and manual threading machines.
  • Hand plumbing tools (pliers, pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, shears, pipe deburrers, chamfering tools, silicone guns, plumbing vises, jack stands, bags and suitcases, etc …).
  • Testing equipment: test pumps, digital monometers, loggers …
  • Systems for flushing heating systems.
  • Unclogging spring machines and manual and electric unclogging pumps.
  • Leak detectors, digital pressure gauges, gas tightness testing instruments.
  • Flue gas analyzers.
  • Thermometers, thermohygrometers, digital thermoanemometers.
  • Plumbing tools for video inspection and thermography, thermal imaging cameras.
  • Welding torches and solders
  • Vacuum pumps, manifolds and tools for refrigerators.
  • Refrigerant gases and chemicals for air conditioning.

So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can also click like on our Facebook page to keep updated on the last news. In fact, you can find us at the best specialized dealers in the plumbing tools markets.

Video inspection: Ulisse by MGFTools with 7″ display

Video inspection camera: ulisse video inspection camera guaranteed by MGFTools Specialised technical assistance Video inspection camera: ulisse professional video inspection camera Code 908000Professional video inspection camera designed for sewers, pipes, chimneys, air ducts, underground cable ducts and much other.ULISSE is the ideal video inspection camera for pipelines from DN 40MM…

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Screed heater with 5 programs: MGF Vulcano C-Plus

screed heater central Vulcano C-Plus screed warmer guaranteed by MGFTools Specialised technical assistance SCREED HEATER Vulcano C-Plus The only one screed heater with 5 programs Code 906152AutomaticManualThermal shockDelta temperaturePressure test Equipped with a trolley with pneumatic construction site wheels, ideal for transport on uneven floors and/or scaffolding, and hooks for securing…

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Mobile boiler with printer: MGF Vulcano Print

mgf vulcano print mobile boiler Mobile boiler guaranteed by MGFTools Specialised technical assistance MGF Vulcano Print mobile boiler Mobile boiler with built-in printer Code 906153Mobile boiler with printer according to specific standards, with thermal paper, which allows you to document the testing and stabilisation of the screed. On the "receipt"…

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The portable screed warmer: MGFTools Vulcano 10kW

Portable screed warmer vulcano 10kw portable screed warmer guaranteed by MGFTools Specialised technical assistance Portable screed warmer vulcano 10kw Lightweight and compact screed heater Code 906150The MGF Vulcano portable screed warmer has been equipped with a heat exchanger (protected by patent) without resistances, which is robust, reliable, light and efficient…

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Professional infrared thermometer with 10:1 focussing

professional infrared thermometer with laser professional infrared thermometerwith laser precise measurements even from a distance Code art. 932385Ideal for non-contact remote measurements of non-reflective surfaces. The laser pointer locates the centre of the measured area. The display is clearly visible, thanks to backlighting, and can also be used in dark…

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CAM-110 smartphone thermal camera for android

CAM-110 smarthpone thermal camera Smartphone thermal camera guaranteed by MGFTools CAM-110 smarthpone thermal camera Professional smartphone thermal camera Code art. 932354 App-controlled smartphone thermal camera. It monitors IR infrared images and measures the surface temperature of objects. Ideal in heating, air conditioning, construction, and maintenance Measures the temperature of objects…

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CAM-384 Professional thermal imaging camera

cam-384 professional thermal imaging camera Professional thermal imaging camera guaranteed da MGFTools cam-384 professional thermal imaging camera High-resolution infrared camera Code 932355The CAM-384 camera takes high-resolution thermal images of up to 684x288 pixels.The integrated wi-fi connectivity system allows live viewing and importing of files directly to the smartphone without the…

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MGF Vulcano mobile heating unit: discover the kits

Vulcano Power Kit 20 KW Mobile Heating Unit Vulcano Power Kit - for those who are not satisfied Vulcano Power Kit 20 KW Mobile Heating Unit Code 906161The mobile heating unit MGF Vulcano Power 20Kw is an ideal kit for those who need the highest power output on the market…

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