MGFtools – Professional plumbing tools is a manufacturer of plumbers tools since 1975. Strictly and proudly made in Italy. Discover our history:

The beginnings and the first tools for plumbing

MGF was founded in 1975 and is preparing to cross the milestone of 50 years of activity as a manufacturer of plumbing  tools. A good achievement, considering the international crises, Asian competition and the difficulties of the market.

First of all we would like to thank all our customers for the trust and esteem they have shown us for such a long time.

Logo MGF utensili per idraulica 1975
Logo MGF utensili per idraulica 1975

1975: MGF was founded in 1975 and is specialized in the production of pipe benders.

Initially the company specializes with producing pipe benders for some brands on the market and has distinguished itself from the very beginning for the construction of robust and innovative machines.

The further activity of the first years was characterized by the planning and production of professional tools.

The MGF brand is well known among the professionals of the sector  and is characterized by high product quality and a very good price-performance ratio.

The range of tools is extended: A complete range of plumbing  tools

Logo MGF 1995
Logo MGF 1995

The new product range includes measuring devices, Threading Machines and hand-tools. In addition to the expansion of the product range, the size of the company is also increasing and MGF Tools is becoming one of the most well-known companies in Europe in its segment. Furthermore Testing Machines, equipments for the maintenance and various hand tools are developed and produced.

The investments made in recent years will prove to be strategic in resisting the shocks of the crisis that will come from 2007.

The new millennium: the MGF commercial organization and the sales network

Logo MGF 2010
Logo MGF 2010

2005: New challenges for the future

Despite the crisis and Asian competition, for us to work “is always a pleasure”. The catalogue is now full of offers, all the tools needed by the plumber are present, explained in many details, and with the best technical features.

The last decade, development and new perspectives

Logo MGF Professional Plumbing Tools
Logo MGF Professional Plumbing Tools

2014: The recognition of the local community and the new challenges for the future


2013: MGF is awarded with il “Mezzano D’Oro”.

This recognition comes after many years dedicated with passion to the local community, such as attention to the environment, commitment to the human and professional growth of many young people, and work for sub-supplier companies.

We believe that these too are the values ​​that characterize serious companies

This is not a goal, there are always new things to improve  and a lot of work to do. Our secret is fairness towards customers: an essential feature for us

Mezzano d'oro: quest'anno il premio è andato alla MGF

 An article has been published in the newspaper La Gazzetta di Parma and a television report  on  TV Parma

For the future…

New and i

  • Many ideas and many upcoming projects
  • Many customers to take care of
  • So many goals to achieve
  • Many ideas and many upcoming projects
  • New and innovative products

2014: Video interview during the MCE international fair

MGF – utensili per idraulica dal 1975: la nostra storia

Gli inizi e i primi utensili per idraulica

MGF nasce nel 1975 e si prepara a tagliare il traguardo di 50 anni di attività come produttore di utensili per idraulica. Un bel traguardo, considerate le crisi internazionali, la concorrenza asiatica e le difficoltà del mercato.

Un grazie prima di tutto a tutti i ns Clienti per la fiducia e la stima che ci dimostrano da così lungo tempo.

Logo MGF utensili per idraulica 1975
Logo MGF utensili per idraulica 1975

1975: l’azienda viene fondata e si specializza nella produzione di curvatubi


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