MGF Design:

We believe that the focus is man. Thus the plumber is the pivot in our enginnering process. We want to understand his needs, conscious that the building site work is hard and difficult. Only after that we proceed with an integrated design cycle which allows us  to turn the plumber’s problems into solutions and the solutions into working tools.

We believe that the greatest potential is in people’s ideas.

This is why the product engineering is completely carried out within the company. Customer service starts right here. Here are the main steps:

Una fase della progettazione meccanica degli utensili MGF: lo studio delle forze sulla curvatubi


We dedicate a particular attention to the mechanical engineering of our tools. We perfectly know that the on the construction site each tool is stressed at its limits, and that every plumber and that one of the most recurrent requirements of the products is that the product is “robust”.

Thus we study the mechanical strains in each component, to reinforce it only where it’s necessary and to keep it light and strong.  In the picture at right you can see the study of the slide frame strain test in a bending tool during the bending of a multilayer pipe.

La progettazione elettrica ed elettronica degli utensili MGFElectronic Design

“Power is nothing without control”

To meet the needs of our customers, we have also accepted the challenge of designing effectively performing electronic electrical circuits.

In our tools electronic control is the way to make solution simpler, smarter and more intelligent.

It seems to us that this aspect is really important, and for this reason we take care of it, internally, with particular attention.

In our products you will find  custom designed solutions for that specific application.

In the picture on the side you can see the electronic control circuit of our MGF Vulcano.

PCB Design

PCB design is also strategic for our customer service mission.

Putting the needs of the plumber at the middle of our design activity, we know very well that one of the most requested feature is the compact size of the tools. The space on the van and on the construction site is often narrow.

Therefore, it is not good to take components from other markets, but a careful design of the printed circuit is required: how a design idea becomes reality on paper.

On this picture an engineering phase for a new prototype of a maintenance tool.

L'ultima fase del processo di progettazione degli utensili MGF: l'assemblaggio dei componentiDesign for Assembly

The last step is “put everything together”

Each component has a specific function, as in the human body, and everyone is functional to the common goal.

Assembling is the final step of the transformation of our client’s requirements into practical and effective solutions. We also know very well that in a difficult working environment such as the construction site, the easiest maintenance is essential: also in this case the assembly design meets the specific needs of the customer.

La progettazione degli utensili per idraulici MGF: l’uomo al centro

Crediamo che il capitale più importante nella società sia l’uomo. Per questo mettiamo l’idraulico al centro del nostro processo di progettazione e come primo passo desideriamo capire a fondo le sue esigenze, consapevoli che il lavoro in cantiere è spesso difficile e complesso. Fatti nostri questi requisiti, procediamo con un ciclo di progettazione integrato che ci permette di trasformare i problemi dell’idraulico in soluzioni e le soluzioni in prodotti che funzionano.

Crediamo che il potenziale più grande sia nelle idee delle persone.

“Dare forma alle idee in progetti e prodotti innovativi ci riempie di entusiasmo e di orgoglio.”

Ecco perchè la progettazione del prodotto è completamente eseguita all’interno dell’azienda. Il servizio al cliente parte proprio da qui. Ecco i passaggi principali:


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