Electric Pressing Tool MGF: The best in quality

Electric Pressing Tool
Electric Pressing Tool

Electric Pressing Tool MGF

Electric Pressing Tool with 230 VAC supply with constant thrust for nominal diameters sizes up to 110mm

Electric Pressing Tool MGF

With our electric pressing tool MEDIUM  you can choose and quickly change the standard jaws, fitting professionals choose it because it is flexible and convenient. The innovative 2-components grip makes it safe and thanks to a low and well balanced weight and the ergonomic design it’s possible to use it effortless with only one hand. The 230V Supply allows to work without stopping  to charge the tool. Thanks to the “QuickStop” Function you can have a high level of safety during the operation.


  • Only  5 seconds for pressing a fitting: We know that your time is money.
  • Time saving in case of multiple pressing thanks to the automatic piston return system; The piston returns automatically at starting point when the maximum pressure is reached.
  • High safety thanks to  “Quickstop”Function. Should unclear situations occur during a pressing operation, for example when incorrect fittings or an incorrect pressing jaw is used, this function on the motor enables rapid reaction. As soon as the push button is released, the tool comes to an immediate standstill without even the slightest follow-up movement, so that the user can make the necessary corrections without delay.
  • Easy to use with only one hand, also thanks to the low weight which allows to work without any effort
  • 230V Power Supply: Work no stops for recharging
  • Flexible and convenient thanks to interchangeable jaws ( Discover our Pressfitting jaws: Pressing Jaws MGF Tools: Complete range)
  • Technical Service in MGF

Electric Pressing Tool is very comfortable to use thanks the strong case with foam insert to protect it from impacts. Ideal for the construction site.


Electric Pressing Tool for effortless operation
Electric Pressing Tool for effortless operation






Working Range

Special Steel, Steel
max. DN54*
Copper, Copper Alloy
max. DN54/108/4”*
Multilayer pipes
max. DN75/110*
PEX pipes
max. DN75*
  • These values are system related. Please contact your system supplier for binding information

Crimpatrice-a-filo-230V-klauke-MGF-per-ganasce-standardStandard Equipment

  • Electric Pressing tool  (230V)  MEDIUM
  • Steel case with foam insert
900995Electric Pressing Tool  MEDIUM 3,5 Kg
640007Steel case

8,0 Kg

In our Onlie Store we have a lot of StandardPressing Jaws with different profiles and sizes: Search for the jaw you need at www.mgftools.de

Technical Features


Trust ForceApprox.32KN Linear
Jaw HolderApprox. 350° rotating
Pressing Time5 seconds
Tool Weight3,5 kg


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