Battery Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM

Battery  Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM
Battery Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM

Battery Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM

Battery  pressing tool 18V/3,0 Ah with constant thrust for system-related nominal sizes to 110mm.

This pressing tool is flexible and convenient thanks to the interchangeable jaws (Find out all MGF Jaws: pri le ganasce MGF: Pressing Jaws MGF Tools: Complete range). The tool is very easy to use since you can use it with only one hand and allows you to work effortless due to its low weight and ergonomic design.

This pressing tool for composite pipe is sage thanks to the innovative 2-components body. It’s equipped with Li-Ion Makita battery which allows up to 300 pressing cycles: save time with the biggest power capacity.

In addition other many advantages such as LED lighting for working safely also in dark environments and Status Led indicating machine alarms and pressing quality.

Advantages Battery Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM

  • Save time and money with the Battery Powered Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM 
  • Only 20 minutes for charging time.
  • With high-technology Li-Ion Makita Battery which allows 300 pressing cycles.
  • Time saved for multiple pressing thorough the automatic piston return. 
  • Very high safety thank to  “Quickstop” function. 

    The “Quickstop” function gives higher safety adds safety to the multilayer pressing tool. Should unclear situations occur during a pressing operation, for example when incorrect fittings or an incorrect pressing jaw is used, this function on the motor enables rapid reaction. As soon as the push button is released, the tool comes to an immediate standstill without even the slightest follow-up movement, so that the user can make the necessary corrections without delay.

  • Accurate pressing force thanks to HPC pressure monitoring with audible signal

  • Long battery and tool service-life thanks to “Autostop” after operation.
  • iPress Software allows to check machine status and to certify the work
  • Technical service in MG

The technology Hydraulic Pressure Check (HPC) you can find on the battery powered Pressing Tool MGF controls the oil pressure in the oil circuit and guarantees a consistent quality pressings.

Precision pressing with Hydraulic Pressure Check
Precision pressing with Hydraulic Pressure Check

For each  pressing operation, the achieved pressure is measured and compared with the required minimum value. The Hydraulic Pressure Check – HPC for short – reports any deviations to the user immediately via visual and audible signals.

The user therefore immediately recognises that the pressing must be checked and possibly carried out again or replaced.

In case of three pressing operations in succession outside the required pressure range, the pressing machine automatically switches off and must be sent for service.

AutoStop function

Long battery and tool service-life thanks to  “Autostop” function after the pressing operation.

The Autostop function after pressing tells the user that the pressing operation has finished. This function also reduces tool wear and prolongs battery life.



Technical Features iPress Medium Battery Pressing Tool

Thrust Force
Linear thrust of approx.  32 kN
BatteryMakita  3,0 Ah Li-Ion high efficiency
Jaw Holderapprox. 350° rotating
Charging Time
22 minutes
Pressing for battery charge
approx. 300 (per DN20)
Weight Tool
3,5 Kg
Dimensions366 x 81 x 317 mm (Length x Width x Height)

Working Range

Special Steel, Steel
max. DN54*
Copper, Copper Alloy
max. DN54/108/4”*
Multilayer Pipes
max. DN75/110
PEX Pipes
max. DN75*
  • Supplied data depend on the used system. Please contact your system supplier for binding information

Battery Pressing Tool iPress MEDIUM 1

Standard Equipment

  • Pressing tool MEDIUM
  • Battery charger and Makita Battery)
  • Strong PVC case
900996iPress MEDIUM battery powered pressing tool3,5 Kg
640006PVC Case3,7 Kg
730000iPress Medium battery charger1,0 Kg
730002iPress Medium battery0,6 Kg
730009Mains adapter 230V-18VDC0,6 Kg

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