Battery Powered Pressing Tool Classic 110B for steel pipes

Battery Powered Pressing Tool  110B
Battery Powered Pressing Tool 110B

Battery Powered Pressing tool Classic 110 B

Battery Powered Pressing Tool 18V/5,0 Ah with constant  thrust for system-related nominal sizes to 110 mm.


The main advantages in buying this pressing tool for multilayer and steel are:

  • Battery Powered Pressing Tool for steel pipes up to 54 mm, multilayer up to 110 mm (see fields of application in the paragraph below). It can also press copper pipes (from the simplest to the hardest tube)
  • Save time and repay your investment with the fastest and most secure pressfitting tool on the market
  • Powerful 18V lithium-ion battery that will guarantee you 500 presses without interruptions
  • High security thanks to the “Quickstop” function
  • Precise pressing force thanks to the automatic return system, reached the nominal force
  • Long battery life and tool life thanks to the “Autostop” function after the pressing cycle
  • The STANDARD jaws can be changed quickly (Find out the complete Range of MGF Pessing jaws: MGF Pressing Jaws
  • Articulated head with rotation up to 350°
  • Powerful LED to illuminate the work area
  • It can press fittings even in the most difficult areas, the Pressing tools 110 B Classic has been designed in order to obtain a compact design for optimal access to the system
  • Effortless use due to low weight and ergonomic design
  • Status LED indicating machine alarms and pressing quality, guarantee of a perfect press and without errors
  • Battery compartment compatible with Makita batteries
  • Choose your battery system: Bosch or Makita: Compatible also with Makita Batteries
  • Technical assistance directly authorized in MGF

Standard Equipment Classic 110 Battery Powered Pressing Tool

Pressing tool battery powered-18V
Pressing tool battery powered-18V
  • Pressing tool Classic 110 B
  • Battery charger
  • High quality battery
  • Strong pvc molded case

Classic 110 B – The new generation of pressing tools for multilayer

Battery Powered Pressing Tool Classic 110B – Technical specifications

Linear forceLinear approximately 32 kN
Battery5,0 Ah Li-Ion battery high efficiency
Jaw holderRotating approx. 350°
Charging Time
40 minutes
Pressing for all battery chargeapprox 500 (per DN20)
Weight Tool
3,6 Kg
Dimensions 359 x 76 x 317 mm (Length x Width x Height)

Suitable for

Special Steel, Steel

max. DN54*
Copper, copper alloysmax. DN54/108/4”*
Composite/PEX pipemax. DN75/110
PEX pipemax. DN75*

*These values are system-related. Please contact your system provider for binding information.

Next-generation-Pressing tool-up-to-110-mm
Next-generation-Pressing tool-up-to-110-mm

Quickstop function

The “Quickstop” function gives higher safety adds safety to the multilayer pressing tool.

Should unclear situations occur during a pressing operation, for example when incorrect fittings or an incorrect pressing jaw is used, this function on the motor enables rapid reaction. As soon as the push button is released, the tool comes to an immediate standstill without even the slightest follow-up movement, so that the user can make the necessary corrections without delay.

 AutoStop Function Pressing tool battery powered

Long battery and tool service-life thanks to “Autostop” after operation.

This function after pressing tells the user that the pressing operation has finished.

This function also reduces tool wear and prolongs battery life.


Electronic control for optimal use

This kind of pressing tools is equipped with a robust electronic, suitable for the use on the construction site.

It provides the user with all important information on machine status, pressing result and battery power.

The information is output via a light diode:

  • When 20% battery power remains: visual LED signal
  • Service notification: visual LED signal

Key data such as the tool’s year of manufacture, serial number, revision status of the integrated machine parts, number of pressing cycles and the last or next service are also evident for MGF Service Center, hence guaranteeing the best possible service result. 

900987 Pressing tool battery powered 110B MGF Tools
900987 Pressing tool battery powered 110B MGF Tools

Ecological synthetic oils

Not only have technology and electronics completely revised, closer attention has also been paid  to environmental issues: MGF use exclusively synthetic hydraulic oils in this new tool. These oils are highly bio-degradable and harmless to water. Furthermore, these hydraulic oils are tested to the most stringent standards and are available worldwide.   


Model and accessories Battery Powered Pressing Tool Classic 110B

900987Pressing tool Classic 110 B3,6 Kg
730002Makita Battery 3,0 Ah Li-Ion0,6 Kg
730009Mains adapter 230V-18VDC0,6 Kg

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